Vue-Widget for embedding YAWIK jobs

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Welcome to YAWIK Vue Joblist Widget

Display your YAWIK jobs on any website using a vue-custom-component.



Include the following html snippets in your site:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cross-solution.github.io/yawik-vue-joblist-widget/dist/0.2.0/yawik-job-list.css" />
<script src="https://cross-solution.github.io/yawik-vue-joblist-widget/dist/0.2.0/yawik-job-list.js"></script>
<yawik-job-list remote="[yawik-instance/jobboard]"></yawik-job-list>

Available attributes:

Attribute Description
remote URL to the yawik jobboard. e.g. https://yawik.org/demo/de/jobboard
count Amount of jobs displayed at once.
widget-title Headline displayed above the jobs (default: YAWIK Job List)
org ID of an organization. If given, only jobs from this organization are displayed
job-on-click default: “_blank”
hide-logo default: “false. Hide logo of a company.

Customize CSS

This widget is rendered in a div container with the id yawik-job-list.

The following CSS ids and classes are used:

CSS selector Description
#yawik-job-list The main widget container
#yawik-job-list > h3 The main headline
.pagination The pagination bar. This is rendered as an unordered list, where each link is separate list item
.pagination .active The current active link
.yawik-job-list-items The job list. Rendered as table where each row is a job posting